Domaine du Radar - Austrian Sledging

Domaine du Radar Austrian sledding​​

Domaine du Radar is the place for some winter adrenaline rush! Riding on an Austrian sled down the slopes of Mont Sainte-Marguerite. Enjoy 4 consecutive descents of 2.3 km each ride. Choose between a Family or a Kamikaze trail. The place was once a military communications base (part of the Royal Canadian Air Force) during the Cold War from 1952 to 1964 as it has the highest peak in the region (summit at 698 meters). These days, the small mountain resort also offers hiking trails, bike trails, survival training, visits to the military bunker and more. We were happy to find this place as most activities with Austrian sledding in the area do not allow young kids to participate. Here you can ride with your kids from a very young age (taking the risk into consideration).

How to reach Domaine du Radar:

Address: 50 Rang Sainte Catherine, Saint-Sylvestre, G0S 3C0, QC. Read the instructions on how to reach this place on their website.

Region: Chaudière Appalaches

Drive north-east for about 2h45 from Montreal,  about 1h drive south from Quebec City

Opening time during winter (2018-2019): Closed Monday to Thursday, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm. During holidays (December 21st to January 6th) open Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm. Open during March break every day.

Note that the rides are subject to weather conditions. The day of our visit, the Kamikaze ride was closed due to freezing rain the day before.

Two departures ONLY: 12pm and 2:30pm, call the resort to reserve your place

Entry fee (2018-2019): Adult 14+ $36.99, kids 10-14 years old $28.99, kids 5-9 years old $3, 4 and under free. Kids under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Price includes hiking and snowshoeing in the area

Rental of a helmet: $5

Cafeteria: Yes, small

Luge Autrichienne – Austrian sledding


  • Arrive at least 45 mins before departure
  • A helmet is a must! Bring your own helmet (a ski helmet, a hockey helmet or a motorcycle helmet)
  • Bring your ski goggles (it’s a must for the Kamikaze slope)
  • Let the more adventurous people go first. We knew our ride will be slower as we have young kids so it is better to go last
  • The fact that you can break with your feet during descent will allow you to moderate your speed. In our group, there were people of all ages.
  • If anyone is cold, they can wait in the bus which is usually heated

Follow the road instructions to reach the Domaine du Radar (check the website for instructions). Upon arrival, sign the discharge form, register, make sure you have a helmet (or rent one), head for the bathroom (as you will spend at least two hours in the cold) and wait for the buzzer to ring for your quick lesson about how to operate the sled and safety instruction.

You will then be given a sled (which you will keep all the rides) and head for the bus with it. The bus will take you up to the starting point. The staff will allow one person at a time to sled down, upon short intervals. Several staff members are stationed every few hundred meters (interconnected with radio) to assist people if needed. Once the last person arrives, the bus will arrive to pick up everyone for another ride. 4 times in total.

Domaine du RadarDomaine du Radar - winterDomaine du Radar - Austrian Sledgingv

Receiving instructions before heading to the bus:

Domaine du Radar - Austrian Sledging lesson

On the bus, a short ride uphill:

Domaine du Radar - busDomaine du Radar - Austrian SledgingDomaine du Radar - Austrian SledgingDomaine du Radar - Austrian Sledging

View of the region from the top:

Domaine du Radar viewsDomaine du Radar winter views

The remains of the military base near the sledding trails:

Domaine du Radar winter views

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