À la Croisée des Pommes Organic Apple Picking

Apple season is here! This cool orchard offers organic apple picking, along with picking of organic grapes, pears and plums. Several activities are available on site: playground, picnic area, farmhouse, a pastry shop with homemade produce and a small local store.

Address: 90 rue Lacroix, St-Joseph-de-Lac, J0N 1M0, QC

Region: Laurentides

Drive about 40 minutes west from downtown Montreal.

Opening time: mid-August to end of October, 7 days a week, 9-17.

For apple picking, pay by bag size: small – $8, medium – $12, large – $20. For the grape picking, ask for a bag and weight it after picking the grapes to pay by weight.

18 types of apples available for picking. Other fruits available: plums (4 types), grapes (3 types) and pears (3 types). All organic!! Check the website’s calender to verify which type is available per week.

Suitable for a baby stroller and for people with reduced mobility.

A la Croisee des Pommes

At the main entrance, there is a big playground, a picnic area (covered and not covered) and a mini farm. Once you pay at the entrance shop for your size of bag to collect the apples, take the tractor for a short ride to the orchard along with an explanation about the types of apples available. Each type is suitable for a particular usage (jam, juice, fresh and more).

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I liked the fact that the orchard is offering organic fruits for picking. We had lots of fun at this nice orchard even during the rain. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My only issue was with the cleanliness of the mini farm and the condition of the animals.

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