Jardin Scullion

Passionate Brian Scullion, the founder of this massive garden, has purchased this land over 30 years ago. 2000 plants from all over the world were planted and have adapted well to the climate of the Saguenay region. This horticultural gem offers also a mini-farm, kids’ wooden playgrounds, walking paths (3.5km) and picnic tables. Choose between a walk or renting an electric cart to discover the garden.

We were a bit lazy that day and decided to go for the golf cart. The cart experience was great and the kids had lots of fun. The visit took about 2 hours in total.

Address: 1985, Rang 7 Ouest, L’Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur, G0W 1Y0, QC. Nearby the city of Alma, north-east side of Lac-Saint-Jean.

Region: Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean

Drive: about 5h15 from Montreal north-east. From Saguenay city 1h north-west.

Opening hours: from mid-June until the beginning of October 7 days a week from 8am – 6pm

Entry fee: price includes tax. Adult $26.00, Senior and student $24.00, Children 5 to 16 years old $11, Children under 5 years old free of charge. Family (2 adults and children less than 16 years old) $70.

Renting an electric cart is an additional $34 (tax included). Maximum 3 adults per car or 2 adults and 2 kids.

Parking: included with the entry fee

Restaurant: Open during lunchtime only

Suitable for a baby stroller

Jardin Scullion (English)

The main entrance is located nearby the nursery garden.


During our visit, there was a short guided tour to learn about the special wall drawings at the main building. These drawings were inspired by nature and different flora of Quebec.


There are two super nice wooden playgrounds for kids nearby the main entrance.


Mini-Farm with young veals, donkey, bunnies and horses.


The garden nearby the entrance is beautiful, super maintained and the scenery is just perfect. A small wooden bridge to cross a small pond and nice chairs to relax on. The walk or drive to the other parts of the garden is more a forest-like landscape.


The electric cart rental is nearby the main entrance. There is a map of the gardens inside the cart so it is easy to follow and know your whereabouts.


The cart path, in general, is different from the walking path as I assume safety comes first to avoid accidents with pedestrians. There are a few junctions where you will need to give way. The access to each garden is different for the visitors who are walking and the visitors who take the cart. Below are the photos from our golf cart experience. At each garden entrance, leave the cart near the parking sign.


Once you visit the Jardin de sous-bois, you’ll drive on a long narrow wooden bridge (800m long).


You will then reach the famous bridge which was built by the founder with 520 tons of natural rocks. There are signs along the explaining about the flora.


At Camp Forestier, there is a wooden chalet to rest, drink water and use the bathroom.


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