Verdun LaSalle Bike Trail

This is a short post about the Verdun – LaSalle bike trail on Montreal island. This path offers many km of bike paths alongside footpaths and shoreline of the St.Lawrence river. The path has been widened along the riverbanks and includes lots of green area for a picnic. There are several viewpoints, kids playgrounds, a splash pad, a swimming pool and areas for paddleboard (SUP) and kayak. The view of the river is outstanding and you can feel the power of the water near the Parc des Rapides. The walking path which is parallel to the biking trail is very suitable for a baby stroller.

Check this website for a map with many bike trails in Montreal:

ÇA Roule Montréal On Wheels

An idea of our short biking experience which includes a playground and a splash pad: we parked on Boulevard LaSalle near ‘Parc du Quai de la Tortue’ (check municipality parking signs) and biked south. We returned back after we passed Parc des Rapides.

The bridge to Parc des Rapides was closed at the time of our visit, therefore not accessible. However, the views of the streaming water (Rapides Lachine) is possible from the shore. The park (631 hectares includes the Lachine Rapids, Heron Island, Ile aux Chèvres, Île au Diable and small islands along the St. Lawrence Seaway) is considered a sanctuary for migrating birds and other wildlife. 225 bird species, 66 fish species, amphibians, reptiles, mammals made these islands their home. Archeological excavations suggest that this area was a stop for the First Nations fishermen 2000 years ago.

More info about Parc des Rapides in French:

Parc des Rapides


On our way back, we stopped at the park ‘Parc du Quai de la Tortue’ for a super nice playground and a splash pad.


We continued to the nearby Atwater Market to enjoy the variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, cheese, meat and traditional ethnical food stands. I will write about this market on a separate post. Here is a link with information about the market:

Atwater market

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